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100% Natural Beeswax Products for the whole family
Bytjie Salf products are gentle and healing, suitable for use on the entire family- from newborn baby to great-granny.
Use as a barrier balm on Baby's bottom to protect your little one's most delicate areas from excess moisture. Our products also act as a powerful healing balm to protect and repair areas of irritated dry and cracked skin ( great for the rest of the family - not just Baby! )
Safe to use on face, body & bottom.
We believe that what we put on our bodies should be made of nature's best.

Where it all began
Bytjie Salf is a family business that started when Anandi started making a baby bum balm for her baby. She did ample research about each ingredient to ensure it is safe to use on her baby's delicate skin and it worked really, really well! Her baby never had problems with nappy rash. Soon she realised that the balm is healing on other areas of her baby & herself and so the product range extended to eczema and skin repair balms, lip balms and essential oils.
Bytjie Salf grew from strength to strength as word spread about her healing products- now considered a "medicine cabinet essential" for its variety of treatments.  
At the same time Anandi's husband started a small bee-keeping business as a hobby. Although not originally planned as such, his hives recently started to supply her business of its ingredients. It was the natural choice!
All products are made by hand and from organic ingredients where possible.